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Digital Digest #196 – Don’t be lazy

Digital Digest: What Edelman Canada is reading in digital marketing, technology and strategy. Fresh links served up Fridays. This week’s edition of Digital Digest was edited by Adam WeitnerJill De Larzac, and Jeff Lang-Weir.

The emergence of digital channels has provided an opportunity for marketers to tell their stories in new and innovative ways, but the impact of those stories can be limited by the amount of hard work we’re willing to put in. Familiarity with established marketing channels, traditional metrics and relying on the faith that our audiences will produce enough decent content on their own are the kinds of attitudes that can lead to OK work. However, in today’s Digital Digest, we examine the ways that we can step up our game by continually challenging ourselves to look for the best, most innovative ways to reach our audiences. In short, the advantages we find when we remember to follow one simple rule: don’t be lazy.
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Earning the attention of the media requires a healthy dose of chutzpah

Dan Ovsey interviews Richard Edelman in Toronto in February, 2014 after the Canadian results of the Edelman Trust Barometer – the firm’s 14th annual exploration of trust – were revealed.

Dan Ovsey interviews Richard Edelman in Toronto in February, 2014 after the Canadian results of the Edelman Trust Barometer – the firm’s 14th annual exploration of trust – were revealed.

“CEOs talk to Bay Street. They don’t talk to the broader public about the issues the public cares about. What do they [the public] think about CEOs? They think CEOs make too much money. They think CEOs are spoiled and fly around on jets. They think CEOs are ruthless about treating employees. The way to deal with those issues is to be counter-factual — come out and actually talk about issues; see people and behave in a normal way and break the stereotypes.”

That’s what Richard Edelman told me back in February of 2014 when I had interviewed him about the Canadian results of the 2014 Trust Barometer. It was the second time in as many years that I had spoken with him about the poor state of business leaders’ reputations in the wake of the financial crisis and the Occupy Movement. As an editor at the Financial Post, I was exposed regularly to vitriolic tirades that painted all C-suite executives with the same vilified brush. Some leaders got their due; many more were simply guilty by association. But the bottom line was: trust was at an all-time low. Read more »

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