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Trust in traditional media stronger in Quebec than in the rest of Canada

According to Edelman’s 2015 Trust Barometer, the government is the least trusted institution in Quebec

March 25th, 2015, Montreal, QC - The Quebec results of the 15th edition of Edelman’s Trust Barometer, which are part of the largest annual poll on trust conducted globally, show that trust in the media is stronger in Quebec than in any other Canadian province (59 per cent in Quebec compared to 51 per cent in the ROC). NGOs, which include academic institutions (57 per cent), and business (53 per cent), follow closely behind, with the government (42 per cent) coming in last place.

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“It’s easy to assume that the natural leaders in your company will always display those winning qualities. But if the executive team doesn’t make a conscious effort to lead those leaders – and that includes communicating with them frequently and openly – the trust that’s so crucial to retaining and nurturing these top-performing employees will be lost.”

In this edition of the Globe Careers’ Leadership Lab series, Lisa Kimmel, president of Edelman Canada, discusses the big transition occurring at Edelman with restructuring the way our teams operate. Despite the uncertainty that comes with a big transition within a business, Lisa lists some key insights from her own experience and Edelman’s Employee Engagement team, on how treating employees well will nurture them into leaders. Read the full article here.

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