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 ”In fact, over the 14-year history of the Edelman Trust Barometer, we’ve found that employee trust relies on empowerment, integrity, ethical standards, culture, transparency and support with strong leadership. And given that in Canada, 50 per cent of people trust regular employees when forming an opinion about a company – while only 43 per cent trust CEOs – you simply can’t afford to lose your most effective ambassadors.”

Lisa Kimmel, general manager of Edelman Toronto discusses the importance of  involving employees in important decisions in her recent Globe and Mail Leadership Lab Series article. Read the full article here.

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Digital Digest #198: Keep Your Finger on the Pulse

Digital Digest: What Edelman Canada is reading in digital marketing, technology and strategy. Fresh links served up Fridays. This week’s edition of Digital Digest was edited by Meghan SharpAdam WeitnerLauren Gross and Erin Collett.

It’s no easy feat staying on top of the digital world. It feels like the iPhone 5 was justreleased, yet this week, Apple released the iPhone 6 and 6 plus. One month a brand has a commendable digital strategy and by the next, it’s irrelevant. This week’s Digital Digest takes a look at some clever tricks and tools brands are using to re-invent themselves and stay relevant. Read more »

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