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Digital Digest #273: Over here, guys!

Digital Digest: What Edelman Canada is reading in digital marketing, technology and strategy. Fresh links served up weekly. This edition of Digital Digest was edited by Charlotte Macgregor, Jill Pastirik, Rob Small and Erin Collett.

Without seeming opportunistic, it can be hard for brands to remind their audience that they’re around – sure, sometimes it works to leverage a moment or holiday, but for the most part, once your time is up, your time is up. As per usual, we found you a few exceptions. Whether it’s sticking around during the months leading up to an annual event or capitalizing on national sentiment, this week, we’re looking at brands who’ve managed to stay top of mind during down time.

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Digital Digest #272: Flashback Friday

Digital Digest: What Edelman Canada is reading in digital marketing, technology and strategy. Fresh links served up weekly. This edition of Digital Digest was edited by Emily Miller, Jill Pastirik, Rob Small, Rachel Bloom and Erin Collett.

This week, we’ve been reminiscing on our time as kids and while it may not be that long ago (for some), the new generation of teens definitely lead completely different lifestyles than we once did. The 90’s and early 00’s, showed emerging trends like MSN Messenger and The Sims. Nowadays, these are makings of the Stone Age. The more recent, cool apps like Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat have all created totally different lifestyles for teens. They have access to so much more information and technology than we could imagine when we were their age. This week’s Digital Digest looks into how brands attempt to get inside the teen mind – a very scary place.

Promposals gone wild
For most (if not all) people reading this, your prom is likely all but a distant memory and the way we found our dates was nothing to write home about. But teens these days are incorporating puppies, flashmobs and personalized Snapchat geofilters, to ask one another to prom. This has made prom a $4 billion industry (yes, you read right – industry). Promposals are more elaborate than most people’s wedding proposals, and now brands want a slice. Most recently, Men’s Wearhouse ran a social media campaign around a self-declared National Promposal Day. They created a Snapchat filter which was used almost one million times. While this may draw a lot of attention to brands in a very simple way, it’s important to remember the reasoning behind the idea. There should be some sort of link to your brand, otherwise, it’s quite possible it could fall flat, just like a bad promposal. [Digiday] Sour Patch Kids (Mondelez), mentioned in this article, is an Edelman client. McDonald’s, mentioned in this article is a competitor to Edelman clients, Yum! Brands and Arby’s.

Botline bling
While teens may have the time and energy to reply to every text in a group message, you’ve already passed that stage. Now you sit in on important meetings about communal office condiments. While these meetings are exhilarating, sometimes you check your phone (don’t worry, we all do sometimes) and it begins: “Have you seen Jane’s maternity photos on Facebook?” one friend texts. “They’re nothing compared to Sally’s wedding Instagram,” another friend chimes in. “Let’s compare over tacos and margaritas?” asks the third. The worst is when they make you laugh out loud when you’re in a not-so-funny meeting – busted. Before you know it, your phone becomes the focus of your meeting as it buzzes and rings with various emojis appearing on the screen with no end in sight. But you’re just too busy arguing the importance of a consistent supply of sriracha sauce to respond to your friends. Enter the Chat Bot Club, an arguably anti-social media tool designed to respond to group messages on your behalf. The bot uses Cisco Spark and IBM Watson to reply in your signature tone and even mimic your emoji-use in messages. So don’t despair, social media-fatigued millennials. Soon you won’t even have to pick up your phone to respond to messages. And really, why should you have to? Tacos and margaritas are a no-brainer. [AOL]

No dollar gets left behind
A few things are certain: the sun will rise, the Kardashians will take selfies and 2016 will welcome a new Call of Duty franchise. It’s pretty impressive that it has continued to stay relevant and popular after all of these years. Despite its success, the game’s developer, Activision, knows the market for these types of games is competitive. Despite CoD already being a household name, Activision is getting its head in the game and recruiting fans where they know they already are: behind their screens, whether mobile or desktop (optimal gaming, ya know?) Its launching activations on Facebook messenger using chatbot Lt. Reyes to help gamers find clues. Activision knows that you need to engage your fans regularly and not just ride the coattails of success from years past. It’s important to adapt as your audience does and it turns out, you can teach an old dog new tricks. [Digiday] Activision, mentioned in this article, is an Edelman client.

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