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“Dan Ovsey recommended trying to bring the journalists into the story. Let bloggers, journalists and other influencers test things out and ask questions when you pitch your idea or send them product samples. Encourage them to give you honest feedback, statements and quotes in return. When you type up your press statement, be sure to include the opinions and quotes of the reporters you reached out to”.

Dan Ovsey, account director and earned media specialist, participated in a live webinar for Marketwired focusing on creative earned media pitching techniques. Read more on Ecomdash here.

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“First, and most obviously, startups are new to the marketplace and have little mindshare among the public. Second, the impacts of new and innovative products and services that target businesses and consumers aren’t always easily understood, and in some cases are met with real skepticism. If you can articulate your story well, you can raise potential barriers to adoption and get people excited about what your company is trying to achieve”.

Jason Kinnear, senior vice-president and national technology sector lead of Edelman Canada, discusses with Aislinn Malszecki, Associate, Online Content on the entrepreneurship programs team at MaRS, the latest trends in startup public relations and why PR is a powerful tool for supporting your business objectives. Read more on MaRS here.

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