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Digital Digest #200: Pass the Mic

Digital Digest: What Edelman Canada is reading in digital marketing, technology and strategy. Fresh links served up Thursdays. This week’s edition of Digital Digest was edited by, Erin CollettMeghan SharpLauren Gross, Jeff Lang-Weir, Alison Fleming and Matt Hayles

Note from the (former) editors: In celebration of this, the 200th edition of Digital Digest, we thought it would be a good time to let you all know why we have put our pixilated hearts and souls into this little piece, week after week. “The Digest”, as we affectionately refer to it, allows for us digi-nerds to come together once a week and discuss our professional passion. It’s also completely led by junior staff, and we’d like to give a big thank you to Erin Collett for carrying on the torch. We hope you continue to enjoy our output. –Matthew and Alison.   

We are very excited that this is our 200th Digital Digest! We started this blog back in 2010 and as the digital world evolved, so have we. Going forward, Digital Digest is going to Show Up Differently, moving our publication to Thursdays of each week. To mark this change, what’s more fitting than a #TBT: Digital Digest #1 (where we mull over the concept of an app called ‘UberCab’ and discuss Calgary’s new mayor, Naheed Nenshi).

In light of this bi-centennial milestone, we decided to highlight a few campaigns showcasing one of our favourite art forms – storytelling. But enough about us, let’s take a look at some notable campaigns that passed the mic over to the consumer and gave them a platform to share their story.

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Edelman Toronto Opens First EdelArtist Gallery

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The EdelArtist Gallery featuring work by Amanda Lazarovitz, Evan Davis and Adam Weitner.

Creativity and inspiration come from different places for each of us, and during the day our creative outlet is our work. However, for many of us, it doesn’t stop there and after work we find other ways of expressing our creativity, thoughts and perspectives. With that in mind, the Creativity Committee – whose purpose is fuel creativity and innovation across the office – wanted to give our fellow colleagues the opportunity to reveal their artistic side and inspire us all to think, and create, in different ways.  We invited Edelman Toronto to submit their works of art to be displayed in the office. The first EdelArtist Gallery (located in our front lobby) opened a few weeks ago with works from three EdelArtists: Evan Davis’ amusing photograph Cat Scratch depicts a tabby spinning his heart out; Amanda Lazarovitz’s remarkable jewelry creations (which many women in the office want to buy) sparkle in the sunlight; and Adam Weitner’s photo series Into the Wild recounts scenes from his recent trip to Berlin. We hope the EdelArtist Gallery is inspiring to others and we’re looking forward to the next display this fall.

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