Digital Digest #2

What’s new and emerging in marketing, technology and strategy

The Future of the Hotel Industry and Social Media

Unlike many modern industries, most of what a hotel does needs to happen offline. It’s hard to deliver room service or make beds with a click. But hotels are experimenting with plenty of other ways to improve service and connect with customers using social media. In other words, they’re at the forefront of social business. Some of their implementations might inspire ideas for other businesses.

Enjoy Your Digitally Enhanced Stay

A Cautionary Tale for Bloggers

At Edelman we spend a lot of time counseling our clients on the etiquette of approaching and relating to bloggers. This Jason Falls post turns the tables focusing on how bloggers should deal with brands.

Blogger Behaviour

SmartPhone Concert

If you’re toting around a smartphone in one pocket and a bulging wallet stuffed with loyalty cards in the other, let us respectfully say this: You’re doing it wrong. With only a bit of legwork, you can lighten your load by scanning or manually adding your cards for your supermarkets, book stores, pet shops, sports stores, and the library, and stick them on your phone with an app like CardStar.

More Points, Less Cards

Marketing Can Do Better

Why is “branding” becoming a devalued asset, whose returns are dwindling (witness Google building the world’s mightiest brand with barely a penny of orthodox marketing expenditure)? Why do people and communities exact steeper and steeper discounts, price-cuts, and margin-crushing concessions from the beleaguered, besieged companies once known as the masters of the universe? Harvard’s Umar Haque has an answer that will resonate with the social media practitioners…instead of talking down, listen up.

Just Listen

How Technology is Changing Behaviour

Digital people are often enamoured by shiny new technologies and then bend over backwards to find an executional fit for that new technology in order to reap the benefits of being the first. While short-term gains can be made from this approach it’s important to remember that our focus should not solely by on emerging technologies, but the emerging cultural practices that engender or allow. For we are in the business of behavior.

It’s About Behaviour

Best Web Analytics 2.0 Tools

Sir Ken Robinson has a new talk on how public education needs to get away from the industrial model that spawned it and into the digital age. Kudos to RSA for the animation work.

In Praise of Divergent Thinking

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