Digital Digest #12

Digital Digest – What’s new and emerging in marketing, technology and strategy

Social Media and Sales – 4 Charts

Need more convincing that a good branded presence on social media channels can drive people down the purchasing funnel? These four charts shed some light on human-brand interaction in the social world.

Pawned, Gameification and its Discontents

I’m quite a proponent of gameification…when the game is designed well. Unfortunately, as with most “next big things” (viral videos anyone?) as soon as a concept takes off it spawns a plethora of shoddy imitators who emphasize the wrong elements. In this case, too many gameification bandwagon jumpers are putting too much into the points and rewards and forgetting the most important part of gaming. Play On

What We Learned From CES: 5 Big Consumer Tech Trends to Watch

We would be remiss to not post something about CES in an e-newsletter titled digital digest. Here’s Mashable’s key trend predictions.

Clay Shirky on Wikipedia’s 10th Anniversary

Happy birthday Wikipedia. Before you came along, many a conversation consisted of endless debate over obscure facts. During the last decade, everyone finally had an agreed upon authoritative web site to settle their bar bets; keyword: authoritative. See Wikipedia has exposed an important truth about authority; that like sovereignty, it needs to be recognized by others in order to exist.

We Know What We’re Talking About

More All Star Thinkers on Wikipedia

Cubeduel Your Darker Side Will Love It.

It’s Hot Or Not Meets LinkedIn. Connect via LinkedIn. You are presented with two colleagues, you pick which one you’d rather work with. After 20 picks, you can see how others have ranked you. You can also see who are the best (or maybe just the most well liked) employees in a company.

Slacker or Star?

My Blackberry is Not Working!

Well actually it is (Blackberry is a client of Edelman’s. Of course it’s working). Funny video coming up.

Try it on Orange

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