February 25, 2011

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Digital Digest #17

Digital Digest – What’s new and emerging in marketing, technology and strategy


Are Social Games Evil?

Jonathan Blow, creator of the innovative platform/puzzle game “Braid”, takes a swing at Zynga (the developer of the uber-popular Farmville], comparing the social game company (and its ilk) to big tobacco. At the core of his message is a warning not just for game developers, but for all marketers: consumer opinions will eventually turn against certain practices, as it has against many other forms of marketing.

And you thought gambling was addictive?


Why Curated Membership Communities Are Today’s Most Important Networks

Nathaniel Whittemore tells the story of how he harnessed TED’s ‘curated membership community’ to launch TEDxVolcano, the world’s first popup conference, in less than 36 hours and while European flights were grounded by the eruption of Eyjafjallajokull in Iceland. In so doing, he makes the case that curated communities have become an increasingly central tool of modern, professional life.

Someone’s going to do a popup office next, I swear.


Apps Outside the App Store

The Apple App Store may have generated 82.7% of total global application store revenue in 2010, but that doesn’t mean companies with alternative ideas about app distribution have thrown in the towel just yet. ReadWriteWeb looks at 5 trends for application distribution that take a different approach.

An app store by any other name…


Old Media Is Being Unbundled, Just Like Telecom Was

In his latest missive, Om Malik argues that as more of their traffic migrates online, old media empires are seeing the connection between their content and their distribution come undone – just as phone companies lost control of the ‘last-mile’ of their distribution network (the part that goes into your home), leading to increased  competition. As Facebook, Zynga, Netflix and Twitter siphon off attention (and thus time) from what we have so far known as media, perhaps it is time for the media industry to re-imagine the definition of media?

If it isn’t the medium, then what is it?


Has PR taken over the media?

The Guardian reports on a new service from journalism watchdog the Media Standards Trust that reveals how all media organisations are at times simply republishing, verbatim, material sent to them by marketing companies and campaign groups. The website allows readers to paste press releases into a “churn engine” which compares the text with a constantly updated database of more than 3m articles and assigns each article a “churn rating”, show the percentage of any given article that has been reproduced from publicity material.

Distinguishing the wheat from the churn.


Changing the way the world conducts web meetings

Popular presentation-sharing service Slideshare launched a new web-meeting platform called Zipcast. Currently in public beta testing, Zipcast promises “a simple, fast and social web conferencing system, where the experience is entirely browser-based.”

Like you want to picture your audience naked anyway.

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