July 8, 2011

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Digital Digest #33: Google Suspends Realtime Search as Twitter Deal Expires

Digital Digest: What Edelman Canada is reading in digital marketing, technology and strategy.

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Sheryl Sandberg & Male-Dominated Silicon Valley

The New Yorker writes on the rise and role of Sheryl Sandberg, who left Google in 2008 for a startup with barely any revenue (called Facebook). The article also focuses more broadly on the challenges faced by women trying to make it in Silicon Valley: “This generation, like every generation does, they want to do something different from what their parents did. Sheryl’s message is very powerful. It’s a simple one: Don’t worry so much about balance. Work hard, stick with what you like, and don’t let go.”

Sandberg’s Roadmap to Success

Social Media Analytics Can be Sexy with Proper Planning

Chuck Hemann, VP Digital Analytics for Edelman Digital, writes on his blog that a useful reporting program should present data on what we’ve done (outputs, comments received, new followers) alongside insights into what to do next. Rather than worrying about the abundance of available data, one should analyze what our bosses (and clients) need to know in order to make decisions that maximize communications impact. It’s the difference between “data puke” and insight and analysis.

Don’t Discount Data!


Case Study: Craftsman Pitches Its Tools to the Unhandy
For a new campaign, tool-maker Craftsman is mining the Internet for unskilled DIY-ers who want to star in an online reality show that sounds a lot like Canada’s Worst Handyman. One lucky (or unlucky) contestant will receive carpentry training before being presented with an extreme “construction challenge,” while the brand’s core audience can offer tips and share their knowledge via a live chat on Facebook.

Just Don’t Get Hurt!


Google Suspends Realtime Search as Twitter Deal Expires

On Sunday, Google temporarily suspended its Realtime Search service – which allowed netizens to browse results from Twitter, Facebook and other status update services – because an agreement with Twitter to access the service’s feed of updates expired. Both Twitter and Google are being tight-lipped about any talks to create another agreement. Tweets made up the majority of results in Realtime Search.

Do I have to go back to using Twitter search, really?


StumbleUpon Sends More Traffic to US Websites Than Facebook

StumpleUpon is now the biggest social media traffic driver for websites in the US, bumping Facebook from the top spot. While it had a similar experience back in February, Facebook quickly regained traction and reclaimed the #1 spot. Having expanded its product offering in March to include paid media, StumbleUpon continues to gain traffic growth while Facebook’s traffic is reported to be steadily decreasing.

Can StumbleUpon Stick it Out?


Search, Display Trends Push Online Ad Spend

US online ad spending will increase to 20.2% this year, with eMarketer forecasting that total ad spending will approach a mere $50 billion by 2015. Video advertising continues to be the fastest growing format since it generates a significant audience attention. What’s even more interesting is the fact that most marketers will spend at least a portion of their ad budgets with the top five ad-selling companies: Facebook, Microsoft, Google, Yahoo and AOL.

How Social is Impacting the Ad World

Bonus: Interview with Neal Mohan, VP of Product, Google


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