Digital Digest #62: Your Customer is Everywhere

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Communicators and marketers must come to terms with the fact that doing more social means retiring traditional marketing practices that aren’t delivering results, argue three McKinsey consultants (see second item).  While it’s true that many companies should be investing in their social infrastructure and pilot programs, it is not the time to give up on traditional altogether. Rather, the imperative is to find the best marketing mix to reach your customers, and that means investing in some digital and some traditional channels.

Organizations that look to their customers to tell them how, when and where they want to engage will learn that their customers are, in fact, everywhere. That’s why this week’s edition of Edelman Canada’s Digital Digest looks at how smart marketers and communicators are engaging their customers across channels and launching integrated campaigns that bring many different roles under the same umbrella.

- Matthew Hayles, Editor

Integrating Cross-Media Measurement

Communicators and marketers must find ways to determine the impact of traditional and digital campaign tactics working together. As much as 40% Internet searches for branded keywords is driven by media such as television, print and radio, argues Marketing Management Analytics’ Doug Brooks. ““The problem is if you measure [channel-specific tactics] in isolation, they don’t account for the fact that they work together.”

eMarketer: Integrating Cross-Media Measurement

Building Your Customer Engagement Ecosystem

Today, a clear majority of Fortune 500 companies use Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. In this article, three McKinsey consultants argue that in the future customers will expect organizations to engage with them on many more channels. The only response is for organizations to become channel-agnostic, partnering with stakeholder groups to amplify their messages pervasively and persuasively.

Forbes: Building Your Customer Engagement Ecosystem

Disclosure: Both Procter & Gamble and Ford Motor Co. are mentioned in this article. Their competitors Unilever and both Volkswagen and Chevrolet, respectively, are Edelman clients.

The Three Stages of Customer Experience

In a competitive market, customer loyalty must be won and re-won with every interaction. That means organizations should perform regular check-ups on their customer experience, or risk losing their customer base. To ensure they continue to evolve their relationship with their customers, organizations must look for ways to improve their customer interactions, transform their own business, and finally sustain their momentum.

CMS Wire: The 3 Stages of Customer Experience

An Evaluation of Five Sites

Despite a flourishing app market, browsers like Internet Explorer, Firefox and Google Chrome, continue to be important tools for navigating the Internet. Despite this, many websites are not designed for customers of all kinds. In this mini-audit, Edelman Digital SVP Phil Gomes examines the websites of five international governing bodies, from the World Trade Organization to the European Union, and determines that many are not built for citizens who speak a language other than English, have a disability, or are likely to use a social network or search engine to access the information they need.

Edelman Digital: An Evaluation of Five Sites

Case Study: Social Media is Everyone’s Job at Ford

To become a social businesses, organizations must allow social media to spill out of the marketing silo. While customers have many different touchpoints with an organization, ensuring consistency across all of them can be a challenge. Some are already leading the way: at Ford Motor Co., social media is integrated across communications, marketing and customer service, says Scott Monty, who leads social media for the Detroit-based manufacturer.

Wisconsin State Journal: Social media driving Ford connections

Disclosure: Edelman works with Ford competitors Volkswagen and Chevrolet.

Video of the Week: Red Blooded

Just in time for Valentine’s day, Field Notes notebooks delivers this touching and personal video loveletter, demonstrating that you don’t need expensive bells and whistles to tell an impactful visual story.

Field Notes: Red Blooded

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