Edelman: A Great Place to Work!

Edelman Canada doesn’t even feel like a workplace – it feels like home. I will be coming up on my fourth year as an Edelman employee and couldn’t have been more proud when I heard of our recognition as one of the Canada’s Best Workplaces.  This is UNREAL, and in my mind long overdue.

Celebrating in true Edelman fashion, friends and colleagues in the Toronto office were all smiles when the announcement of our win was unveiled by our very own John Clinton and Lisa Kimmel.  The energy and buzz in the room was unbelievable; it really gave me a time to reflect on how lucky we have it here, at a company that truly cares about their employees.

My definition of being the best: colleagues walking in the hallways as friends; laughter erupting out of boardrooms; giving back to our communities in a nation-wide weekend of team collaboration; social directors who keep the fun coming; 1:1 meetings with our leadership team at our convenience; team members working together across offices and geographies – the list truly goes on and on.

When asked by family and friends outside of the company, “what makes it so great to work at Edelman?”  it is something I can’t exactly put into words and something that no one can truly understand unless you have worked here.  It is an experience; a feeling; an energy and drive that you get; a sense of satisfaction from not only our network but from our clients that continue to push boundaries and make us think harder, more creative and better than the rest.  I am a better person from working here, and don’t know too many people who can say that about the company they work for.

We may bang on our chests and hold our heads high when we talk about our work and our company – but it’s because we have a reason to – we are the best!  Congratulations to each and every one of my friends in Montreal, Toronto, Calgary and Vancouver.  Like the saying goes, “you can build a house, but you can’t build a home.”  Edelman Canada has built a home for 185 lucky team members – now that is something to be proud of!

Edelman employees in Toronto reading about our win

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