July 19, 2012

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The Quarterly│Phone Stacking

In an age where most of us are constantly connected, the idea of powering off has a certain, undeniable appeal. Recently, the game of phone stacking has caught the attention of Canadian diners and media alike. The brainchild of blogger Brian ‘Lil b’ Perez, the game was created to encourage live conversation while eating out and requires everyone to place their phones face down on the table. The penalty for sneaking a peek at your latest Twitter mention? Picking up the group’s bill.

Image courtesy of Roo Reynolds via Flickr

It’s no surprise the trend has struck a chord when you consider the results of a recent survey of 1,000 Canadians surrounding mobile trends, that showed 72% of respondents reported watching others pull out their phone at dinner is one of their biggest annoyances but 41% plead guilty to the same charge.

Watch out, the next time it could cost you a meal!

Created by JCPR Edelman, The Quarterly provides a snapshot of global trends and movement covering Digital, Retail, Technology, Design, Eco, Food & Drink, Brand, Health & Wellbeing, Travel, Marketing and Culture from around the globe. This quarter’s edition includes contributions from 12 markets including Canada.  Phone Stacking is the first of three Canadian contributions.  The full slideshare is embedded below.

The Quarterly – Issue #02

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