August 1, 2012

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The Quarterly Canadian Trends: Women-Only Floors and Online Protest

Alana Lipton and I recently contributed these trends to The Quarterly. Created by JCPR Edelman, The Quarterly provides a snapshot of global trends from around the globe.

Women-Only Floors

In the new trend among high-end hotels, men need not apply. Vancouver’s Georgian Court Hotel is the lone ladies-only hotel in Canada, blocking off an entire floor and 18 rooms for the fairer sex and joining a select group of hotels in Copenhagen, New York and Singapore that have done the same. Each room comes equipped with hair styling appliances, yoga mats and an array of beauty products at no additional charge.

Image courtesy of Dunechaser via Flickr

These rooms have proven especially popular with female business travellers who appreciate the added security of the private floor. While this highly contentious trend has been seen by some as discriminatory and as a step backward for women, ladies-only hotel floors have started popping up all over the world and due to the recent high demand for this service, the Georgian Court is now thinking of expanding to a second floor.

Online Protest, Canadian Style

Against a backdrop of social media-fuelled revolution across the globe – from the Arab Spring to Occupy Wall St – we’ve also seen socially motivated protests occur at a micro, localized level.

Earlier this year, Canadians took to Twitter to respond to Internet privacy act Bill C-30, which proposed greater police powers for searching online activity. Canada’s Public Security Minister Vic Toews and his Twitter feed provided the stage for the protest #tellviceverything, which in a matter of hours, became the top-trending Canadian topic and briefly trended worldwide. The matter reached the House of Commons and garnered global support from people protesting against similar Internet privacy acts.

A similar movement was sparked following Google’s announcement of changes to their privacy policy with many tweets and social media outputs offering tips on how to avoid the intrusion.

 This quarter’s edition includes contributions from 12 markets including Canada.  Women Only Floors and Online Protest, Canadian Style are the second and third of three Canadian contributions.  The full slideshare is embedded below.

The Quarterly – Issue #02

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