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If Rob Ford was a CEO…

If Rob Ford was the CEO

I am currently enrolled in the Institute for Corporate Directors (ICD) Directors Education Program (DEP). It’s a Rotman School of Management-led program offered by a number of major business schools across the country and I’m taking the course at the Beedie School of Business in Vancouver, graduation only one module away. Likely the best 12 days – four times a year, three days a session – I have ever enrolled in. Learning more in 12 days than I did during my entire Masters Degree studies. Read more »

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Without Fear

My business partner left yesterday for a well-deserved six-month sabbatical, marking the end of a partnership that has spanned almost two decades. June 30th marks the official day we sell the remainder of the shares we hold in our former company, Karyo Communications, to the company that acquired us five years ago, Edelman.

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Treatment as Prevention

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to introduce our CEO, Richard Edelman, to one of Vancouver office’s longest standing clients — the BC Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS. We met with Dr. Julio Montaner, the current Director of the Centre and the Past President of the International Aids Society, a group with more than 16,000 members.


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Building a Social Media Presence – One Follower at a Time

The Vancouver Sun’s Digital Life offers an article by Gillian Shaw in which she compares the various Liberal leadership candidates according to their popularity in social media. While I blogged about this before Shaw started writing her columns, I adhere to the belief that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and will let it go at that. But if I were keeping score, I’d say 1 for me 0 for Shaw.

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The Rise of Influence and the Fall of Power

Vancouver Magazine’s December cover story is its 10th Annual Power 50: Who Really Runs this City. Before turning to the feature to see who was selected, I wondered what the magazine’s definition of power would be. Because in the age of social media in particular, we’ve come to understand that informal influence often packs a punch as hefty as formal power.


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Social Media as strategy not a tactic

Last week’s blog post on using Twitter to predict the BC Liberal leadership race got a lot of attention. First, there was the CBC TVand radio interviews, followed by a call with News 1130 and an interview with them. What started as a bit tongue in cheek ended with me being cited as first a “blogger” then a “social media expert” who was predicting the outcome of the race. Were it only so — although my prediction about Surrey Mayor Diane Watts not running (on the basis she had no Twitter account) has already turned out to be true, so who knows.

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What I learned playing Angry Birds

I attended a black tie fundraiser for Canuck Place Children’s Hospice last night and I left the event thinking about games designed for play on social networks like Facebook.

As one of the guests at my table was a Facebook game designer, this might not come as a complete surprise. But as someone that didn’t know Facebook even had games, maybe just a little.

I was particularly interested because he told me women of a certain age are one of the key targets for game designers – and that certain age isn’t all that far from my own.

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