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Digital Digest 256: It’s still all about apps

Digital Digest: What Edelman Canada is reading in digital marketing, technology and strategy. Fresh links served up weekly. This edition of Digital Digest was edited by Rob SmallCharlotte MacgregorErin Collett and Sarah Botros .

If there’s one thing that hasn’t changed in digital in the last few years, it’s that we’re – brands included – still trying to figure out how to use apps. Sure, we can click open, scroll the headlines, all that fun jazz. But we spend our weeks tweeting fun content only to lose followers here and there (or is that just me?). What gives? This week’s Digi takes a look at a few brands who are trying to right the ship, whether it’s jumping on a new app, tinkering with the classics or building their own to keep typically offline customers engaged daily.

Peachy Keen, Jelly Bean

Meet Peach (unfortunately we’re talking about the latest social media thing, not Mario’s long lost Princess). Created by the founder of Vine, Peach seems to be every millenial’s dream – a hybrid of Twitter and Slack with the tagline of “a fun and simple way to keep up with friends and be yourself” – who wouldn’t want to get on board with that type of message! Peach allows the user to create and send GIFS, gives power to the user with magic words and promotes doodling. While some may be wary for getting on board with the latest and greatest app, many brands are diving in head first. With constant competition to be “with it” and “socially savvy” it’s tough not to jump on board when a shiny new app comes to play. Big retailers such a Starbucks, J.Crew and Taco Bell have Peach accounts although they haven’t been verified – we wonder if Peach’s verification will be a pit? While many are hailing Peach as the next big thing, many are comparing the app to Meerkat and saw it plummet to #121 in rankings on the Apple Store. Overall, it seems like a good idea and individuals and brands are buying into it – as an app, what’s not to love? [DigiDay] Starbucks, mentioned in this article, is an Edelman client. Taco Bell, mentioned in this article, is an Edelman client. Domino’s, mentioned in this article is a competitor to Edelman client Papa John’s.



Both posting and responding to social commentary on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook isn’t a exactly new strategy for big brands – nearly all do, and most do so without any major blunders. Chick-Fil-A (see what we did there?) wants to approach their strategy differently, acknowledging that the window of opportunity to respond and engage the right audience is a short one. The brand decided to tailor its approach based on channel, creating smart, responsive social that can be ready-to-go in a flash. With legal and production at the same table, posts are quickly approved and can be leveraged on the spot, based on what’s going on in their target markets (think: if a Florida sports team scores, a post with a Florida fan cheering can be posted and geo-targeted immediately). The brand’s proving its social chops with this agile and smart strategy, and inspiring us to consider some real-time posts of our own! [DigiDay] Amazon, mentioned in this article, is a competitor to Edelman client eBay.


Ford to help parking woes 

Ford has partnered with parking companies, ParkWhiz and Parkopedia, to make your drive into the city a little easier. Its new app, FordPass, allows you to reserve and pay for parking spots from your fingertips (if only it could fix the commuting disaster we call the Gardiner, am I right?). End-of-day meeting running late? No problem. You can also extend your parking from the app. Most car owners are very loyal to the brands they trust – after all the car you own says a lot about your personality. And we know that customers need more than a one-off sales pitch to sway any conversions. While there are additional perks for Ford Owners, such as car start, schedule maintenance appoints, the app is free for anyone, offering services with no strings attached. Providing ongoing communication and help, addresses customer’s “what’s in it for me?” concerns. Watch out Uber, FordPass is also offering ride sharing and car sharing. With lofty ambitions (Ford thinks this new app will be the iTunes of the car industry, whatever that means) it’ll be interesting to see whether FordPass will mitigate or instigate parking lot wars. [AdAge] McDonald’s, mentioned in this article is a competitor to Edelman clients, Arby’s and Taco Bell.


Tech Updates: CES 2016


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January 15, 2016 in Our Ideas

Digital Digest #255: Back to the Future

Digital Digest: What Edelman Canada is reading in digital marketing, technology and strategy. Fresh links served up weekly. This edition of Digital Digest was edited by Rob Small, Charlotte MacgregorErin CollettJill PastirikSarah Botros , Emily Miller.

New year, new you, am I right? No. This week’s Digital Digest isn’t about getting up at 5:00 a.m. to hit the gym – after all, we’re aiming to be moderately successful people this year (see: the rule). We’re only a week into 2016 and we’re already seeing some really interesting trends emerge. Everything from fighting for Steven Avery’s civil rights, to saying “good riddance” to some of our previously faithful tools, this year is already shaping up to being an exciting one!  Read more »

January 8, 2016 in Digital Digest, Our Ideas

Digital Digest #254: Our 2015 Favs

Digital Digest: What Edelman Canada is reading in digital marketing, technology and strategy. Fresh links served up weekly. This edition of Digital Digest was edited by Rob Small, Charlotte MacgregorErin CollettJill PastirikSarah Botros 

Digital Digest #253: Bull’s Eye

Digital Digest: What Edelman Canada is reading in digital marketing, technology and strategy. Fresh links served up weekly. This edition of Digital Digest was edited by Erin Collett, Charlotte Macgregor, Emily Miller, Jillian Pastirik, and Rob Small.

Within the realm of communications marketing, we devote much of our time to thinking about how we can most effectively reach a specific target audience. It can be easy to assume the goal is always the same: reach as many people as possible, but this week’s Digital Digest dispels that myth. As this week’s articles reveal, it’s not about reaching as many people as possible, it’s about reaching the right people. Whether you choose to target a small population with a single, strategically placed billboard, or a limited group of similarly-minded Instagram users, when it comes to targeting an audience, keep this in mind: nothing beats a bull’s eye.

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December 10, 2015 in Our Ideas

The Hours That Changed Paris


It was a strange feeling waking up on November 14th to the sounds of never-ending sirens and a city lined with local police officials and members of the military. In a way, seeing them made me feel safer. In another way, it was a constant reminder of the horrific events that took place on the night of November 13th and what continues occur.

I arrived in Paris on November 7th and traveled around the city before I started my one-year fellowship at ELAN Edelman just one week later. When I went for a short walk the morning after the attacks, it was like Paris had gone to sleep one city and awakened completely different. Expectedly, there was no one in the streets to be found, everything was closed and there was an indescribable tenseness that vibrated through it all.

Somehow, this magical city that was temporarily wounded found an unmatched courage to fill the streets again on Monday morning in a show of solidarity that gave me the strength to do the same. “We know that life must go on,” expressed Marion Darrieutort, GM ELAN Edelman, that Monday morning. “They will not take Paris. They cannot challenge how we live. Paris is where we live and where we go out. Everyone wants to move forward.”

I believe this same attitude was running through the veins of all Parisians out-and-about that morning. This is not to say that the people of Paris have forgotten about the innocent lives that were taken that night. On the contrary, I believe this was a show of support to the families of lost loved ones that we are all standing with them.

It has now been just over three weeks since the attacks took place and things are starting to feel a bit more “normal” in Paris again. People in the office are brighter, the tenseness has begun to slowly dissipate and shops and restaurants have resumed business as usual.

From a personal and professional standpoint, the last three weeks have taught me so much. I know that with time, I will start to find a groove here in Paris. Until then, I will embrace my discomfort and know that it is all part of this new journey I’m on.

Alexandra Fahmey is an account manager, client service in health and is currently stationed in Paris from Toronto as part of the DJE Global Fellows Program. Follow her on Twitter @allie_fahmey05.

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December 10, 2015 in Our Ideas

Digital Digest #252: Forget Reinventing The Wheel

Digital Digest: What Edelman Canada is reading in digital marketing, technology and strategy. Fresh links served up weekly. This edition of Digital Digest was edited by Charlotte MacgregorErin CollettJill PastirikSarah Botros , Emily Miller

Digital Digest #251: But Why?

Digital Digest: What Edelman Canada is reading in digital marketing, technology and strategy. Fresh links served up weekly. This edition of Digital Digest was edited by Charlotte MacgregorErin CollettRob Small, Jill Pastirik, and Kira Borys.  

Earlier this week, one of our Edelman Ireland colleagues, Darragh, published a blog post on the importance of “why” in storytelling. Darragh was doing some research and was surprised by “how much of marketing had got lost in an abyss of bland content.” As a result, campaigns created temporary reactions instead of deeper connections – probably less than ideal. Given what he found, he urges all brands to ask, “Why do you do what you do? How are you different? And why do you matter?” This week’s Digital Digest touches on a few campaigns that got down to the why.  Read more »

November 27, 2015 in Digital Digest, Our Ideas

Digital Digest #250: Same, Same But Different

Digital Digest: What Edelman Canada is reading in digital marketing, technology and strategy. Fresh links served up weekly. This edition of Digital Digest was edited by Caitlin StewartCharlotte Macgregor, Erin Collett, Matthew Beck, Sarah Botros and Rob Small

Consumers want to see authentic value in the products they purchase, which can be hard to convey in blatant product pushing. A way around this is to promote a certain lifestyle that your product fits into seamlessly, but how do you ensure your brand messaging doesn’t get totally lost? Finding the balance isn’t as cut and dry as it may seem. There are myriad ways that companies can show their audiences why they are the smart choice. From unconventional blind taste tests, to billboards made with fruit, to high-performance creativity, this week’s Digital Digest takes a look at a few companies who are taking a new approach to telling their brand stories.  Read more »

November 27, 2015 in Digital Digest, Our Ideas

Neil Mohan Joins Edelman Toronto as Vice President

Leading digital practitioner deepens expertise at top communications marketing firm

November 24, 2015, TORONTO – Edelman today announced the hiring of Neil Mohan as vice president, Digital, in its consumer marketing practice. Mohan’s strategic vision has brought digital campaigns for some of Canada’s biggest brands to life, and now enhances one of the largest consumer marketing teams in the country.

“Neil’s background makes him an ideal fit for our team,” said Dave Fleet, senior vice president, Digital, Canada East for Edelman. “He has exceptional client service skills and deep CPG and consumer marketing experience. His focus on driving innovation into our programming will further strengthen our ability to evolve, promote and protect our clients’ brands.”

Mohan joins Edelman from Ogilvy, where he served as group digital director. Previously, Mohan worked at agencies including Juniper Park, Y&R/Wunderman and Organic, and has lent his expertise to brands such as Dove, Tim Hortons, Toyota and Toronto Pearson.

“I realized that for previous brand campaigns, an important moment was when they gained the relevancy and reach to get traction in earned media,” said Mohan. “Edelman’s approach delivers big on those moments, and the passionate strategists, creatives, media planners and earned specialists they’ve assembled have me excited to dive in with digital to build clients’ brands.”

Edelman continues to hire specialists with diverse backgrounds to redefine how clients garner attention and deeply engage stakeholders through storytelling. Other recent hires include: Andrew Simon, executive creative director for Edelman Canada; Catherine Yuile, senior vice president and national lead of Edelman Canada’s Insight & Analytics specialty; and tenured advertising and media specialist Saeed Zaman, senior account director, Paid Media.

About Edelman
Edelman is a leading global communications marketing firm that partners with many of the world’s largest and emerging businesses and organizations, helping them evolve, promote and protect their brands and reputations.

Our Canadian business has matured from one that has been primarily geography- and practice-focused to one that is also specialty-focused. Our offices in Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal offer several specialized areas of expertise — including creative, crisis & risk, public affairs, insights & analytics, paid media and digital — to deliver best-in-class work to our clients in today’s complex media landscape.

Edelman was named The Holmes Report’s “2015 Global Digital Agency of the Year”; one of Advertising Age’s “Agency to Watch” in 2014; one of Forbes’ “14 Most Influential Agencies of 2014”; and was awarded the Grand Prix Cannes Lion for PR in 2014. In Canada, Edelman was among the top three finalists for Marketing Magazine’s 2014 Agency of the Year and has been named one of the Great Place to Work® Best Workplaces in Canada and Best Workplaces for Women.

November 24, 2015 in Our Ideas

Edelman’s Global Citizenship Report Released


In a world becoming more interconnected by the day, it’s clear that everything we at Edelman do has an impact — and it’s up to us to determine how positive, and how powerful, that impact can be.

This week, Edelman’s fifth annual Citizenship Report was launched, providing a look at how we’re measuring against our goals of nurturing employees, being accountable partners for our clients, minimizing our carbon footprint and being good neighbors in our communities. Some highlights from the FY15 global report help clarify why so many Edelman employees are proud to tell others they work here:

  • 158 community investment grants awarded to local NGOs in FY15, with a total value of $150,000* – 12 percent of which were awarded to Canada.
  • A total of $3,995,957 was given in time and cash donations. Employees around the world donated more than 32,000 hours to professional and general volunteer service – a 41 per cent increase over last year.
  • Four in five employees say volunteerism and global citizenship are important factors in choosing to work at Edelman, and 70 per cent of employees agree Edelman has created a culture where these initiatives are valued.
  • Globally, 11 per cent more women hold senior leadership positions at Edelman in FY15 (44 per cent) than in FY12 (33 percent), our baseline year for tracking this growth.

The report also puts a spotlight on Canada’s annual pro-bono initiate, The Little Give, in which each Canada office dedicates a little bit of seed money and a whole lot of time and energy to non-profit organizations in their communities.

To learn more about Edelman’s commitments to our people, our communities and our clients, read the full FY15 Citizenship Report here.


*All dollar amounts are USD.

November 20, 2015 in Our Ideas

Digital Digest 249: Heart Of The Matter

Digital Digest: What Edelman Canada is reading in digital marketing, technology and strategy. Fresh links served up weekly. This edition of Digital Digest was edited by Charlotte Macgregor, Erin Collett, Caitlin Stewart, Jill Pastirik, Sarah Botros and Rob Small

It’s easy to get caught up in trends and other brands’ content that might be going viral – but it’s important to stop and ask, “Why are we doing this? Does it even matter to our target audience?” This week’s Digital Digest takes a look at a few campaigns that just got straight to what matters most to their audiences.  Read more »

November 13, 2015 in Digital Digest, Our Ideas

An Interview with Jennifer Reynolds

Jennifer Reynolds

Jennifer Reynolds is an account director at Edelman Digital Vancouver. She specializes in social media and digital strategy. We asked her a few questions about trends, inspiration and how she feeds her creativity. Check out what she had to say:

How long have you been working at Edelman?

I just passed my three year anniversary.

How has Edelman changed since?

In Vancouver Edelman has changed a lot. When I started in 2012 our digital team basically consisted of myself, until Steven Park, our SVP for Digital joined about 4 months later. Now we are an entire department with Strategists, Community Managers, Designers, UX, and Project Managers. We’re busier than ever because digital is now woven into almost everything we do for our clients.

How do you think your department will change in the next five years?

Five years? How about five months! The digital and social media space change almost every day. What’s exciting about working in digital is that we are constantly changing our strategies, tactics, and testing out new platforms to find success for our clients. It’s hard to even imagine what that will look like in five years. Whatever happens, I’m excited and ready to take on the challenge.

What book had the most influence on you?

I’m in digital, what’s a book? Kidding aside, I’m actually always listening to podcasts when I’m on my way to work or walking around the neighbourhood. They’ve opened up my world to so many random stories and facts that I don’t think I’d ever be exposed to otherwise. The way these stories are told and the array of information I’ve learned has inspired me to think differently when facing problem or can help spark a creative idea.  Some of my favorites are 99% Invisible, Criminal, Invisibilia, and Radiolab.

What are you doing when you have your best ideas?

This is kind of cliché, but I usually have my best ideas when I’m in the shower or looking out the window at my desk. It probably has to do with the fact that I’m pretty glued to technology most of the time, so those rare occasions when I let my brain wonder is when I come up with my best ideas.

What PR expression do you wish people would stop overusing?

In the tech space, I think Silicon Valley did a hilarious take on this with their TechCrunch Disrupt Parody. The amount of times I’ve heard “truly local, mobile, social” thrown around in the wrong context is quite funny.

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November 11, 2015 in Our Ideas

“As much as it’s important to let others feel valued, it’s just as important to establish your leadership. While there are different schools of thought on how quickly to implement change, I’m of the mindset that people want leaders to lead – and it’s important to make your mark with some immediate positive changes rather than a ‘wait and see’ approach, which employees may interpret as a fear of making mistakes.”

Lisa Kimmel, president, Edelman Canada, talks about transitioning from general manager to president and sheds light on the power of inclusive management with her peers. Read the full story in the Globe and Mail Leadership Lab series.

November 11, 2015 in External posts, Our Ideas

Digital Digest #248: Ch-ch-ch-changes

Digital Digest: What Edelman Canada is reading in digital marketing, technology and strategy. Fresh links served up weekly. This edition of Digital Digest was edited by Charlotte Macgregor, Erin Collett, Caitlin Stewart, Jill Pastirik and Matt Beck.

These days, it seems like brands are latching on to anything they can – World Sandwich Days, National Hug-Your-Cat Day – to make a splash. That’s all well and good, but does it really have an impact? Moreover, does this help the brand, or hurt them? In our opinion, opportunistic campaigns do a better job when they have a real shot at driving social change – and when they’re actually relevant to the brand and matter to the audience. Whether you’re hoping to raise money for your next campaign or put an end to a bigger problem, you’ll want to see how these next brands capitalized on a moment and made a difference.

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November 6, 2015 in Digital Digest, Opinions, Our Ideas

Digital Digest #247: Content Creation In 3,2,1…

Digital Digest: What Edelman Canada is reading in digital marketing, technology and strategy. Fresh links served up weekly. This edition of Digital Digest was edited by Emily MillerMatthew BeckErin CollettCharlotte Macgregor and Kira Borys.

We’re not saying creating content is easy, because it’s definitely not, but is it really that hard to avoid bad content? We’ve all seen numerous campaigns and social media content, where you think, “HOW did that get approved?!” There are a few pretty basic things to keep in mind to prevent your audience from utter horror: Listen to what they’re telling you, keep it timely and write well.  Read more »

November 3, 2015 in Digital Digest, Our Ideas